Kid's Sizes
Infant0.5 M1603 1/48.3
Infant1 M160.53 1/28.9
Infant1.5 M1713 5/89.2
Infant2 M1713 3/49.5
Infant2.5 M181.5410.2
Infant3 M1824 1/810.5
Toddler3.5 M192.54 1/410.8
Toddler4 M1934 1/211.4
Toddler4.5 M203.54 5/811.7
Toddler5 M2044 3/412.2
Toddler5.5 M214.5512.7
Toddler6 M225.55 1/813
Toddler6.5 M225.55 1/413.3
Toddler7 M2365 1/214
Toddler7.5 M236.55 5/814.3
Toddler8 M2475 3/414.6
Toddler9 M2586 1/815.6
Toddler9.5 M268.56 1/415.9
Toddler10 M2796 1/216.5
Little Kid10.5 M279.56 5/816.8
Little Kid11 M28106 3/417.1
Little Kid11.5 M2910.5717.8
Little Kid12 M30117 1/818.1
Little Kid12.5 M3011.57 1/418.4
Little Kid13 M31127 1/219.1
Little Kid13.5 M3112.57 5/819.4
Little Kid1 M32137 3/419.7
Little Kid1.5 M33148 20.3
Little Kid2 M3318 1/820.6
Little Kid2.5 M341.58 1/421
Little Kid3 M3428 1/221.6
Big Kid3.5 M352.58 5/821.9
Big Kid4 M3638 3/422.2
Big Kid4.5 M363.5922.9
Big Kid5 M3749 1/823.2
Big Kid5.5 M374.59 1/423.5
Big Kid6 M3859 1/224.1
Big Kid6.5 M3859 5/824.4
Big Kid7 M3969 3/424.8



Sporty. Stylish. Comfortable.

A sporty racing stripe adds a pop of color to Crocs’ iconic clogs. Made with lightweight, durable Croslite™ material, the contoured footbeds and outsoles deliver incredible comfort and support for whatever the day has in store.

Kids’ Crocband™ Clog Details:

  • Pivoting heel straps for a more secure fit
  • Easy to clean
  • Customizable with Jibbitz™ charms
  • Iconic Crocs Comfort™: Lightweight. Flexible. 360-degree comfort.
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